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5 Reasons Why Kennebunk and Kennebunkport Are the Dog-Friendliest Towns in Maine

Maine is a famously dog-friendly state, but no city or town rolls out the red carpet for fur babies like Kennebunk and Kennebunkport. Don’t believe us? Allow us to present our most compelling evidence for you and your pup to consider when planning your next trip to a dog-friendly hotel in Kennebunk.

#5 Dogs are welcome year-round at Gooches Beach in Kennebunk
Walking your dog on the beach is great fun for both of you, and no beach is more hospitable to dogs than Gooches Beach. From Labor Day to June 15th, well-behaved dogs who respond to voice commands are free to play in the surf, chase toys, and have all the off-leash fun they can handle (provided their owners have a leash in their possession). To ensure harmony between humans and four-legged beach goers, be sure to bring your own poo bags (or grab a couple at the dispenser located at each entry point, and keep your dog away from sunbathers, swimmers, and surfers.

During the busy summer months, dogs can still be off-leash in the morning, but they must be off Gooches Beach by 9am until on-leash hours resume at 5pm.

#4 There are three great places to hike with your dog in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport
The same trails we recommend for mountain biking are also dog-friendly. Hope Woods adjacent to Hope Cemetery in Kennebunk, Smith Preserve in Kennebunkport, and Wonder Brook Preserve in Kennebunk are fantastic places to explore with your dog. Well-trained pups can run free but keeping your dog on-leash is the best way to co-exist with the many walkers, bird watchers, and mountain bikers who enjoy these popular trails year-round.

#3 There are several dog-friendly restaurants in Kennebunk
After you and your pup work up an appetite, it’s time to chow down at a Kennebunk restaurant with an outdoor deck or patio where well-behaved dogs are welcome. Baston River Brewing & Distilling has both a patio with a fire pit and a deck where you can enjoy craft beer, signature cocktails, and great food while your dog relaxes. The outdoor patio at The Pilot House has live music on the weekends and a special menu just for your pup. Pedro’s and Old Vines Wine Bar are two nearby restaurants in Kennebunk. Their menus and vibes are entirely different, but both places offer relaxing places to dine with your dog.

#2 There’s a great dog park in Kennebunk
Located less than two miles from The Wanderer at 36 Sea Road, the Kennebunk Dog Park is a social place for dogs and their people. Built and maintained by dedicated volunteers, the Kennebunk Dog Park features plenty of room for dogs of all sizes to romp around, plus a separate gated playpen for puppies and smaller breeds. When playtime is over, head to the nearby Rogers Pond for a quick dip to cool down and clean off some of the dirt that will inevitably get in your pup’s fur.

#1 The best dog-friendly hotel in Kennebunk treats your pup like family
Now that we’ve explained why Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are the most dog-friendly towns in Maine, let’s talk about why The Wanderer is the most dog-friendly hotel in Kennebunk. Yes, there are several dog-friendly hotels in Kennebunkport, but The Wanderer is not your typical hotel. When you and your pup stay with us, you get an entire dog-friendly cottage in Kennebunk to yourselves that’s minutes away from all the activities and attractions we’ve shared in this post. We’ll even supply the dog bowls, so you don’t have to pack them.

So if you’re looking for a summer vacation where your dog can have as much fun as you do, come, sit, and stay at The Wanderer—we’ll have plenty of treats for both of you!

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